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Doc Yale

Doc Yale is a biologist, writer, homesteader and aficionado of life. He is a descendent of Elihu Yale, the notorious slave broker who bought respectability by founding Yale University. While Doc Yale is prone to criticize those who adumbrate sagacity—he is not averse to doing it himself. In his youth he tested a number of academic institutions at all levels and found them to be unappreciative of his talents—a relationship which was mutual.


The SOB is a son of a biologist, a former technology enthusiast (still a fan of free and/or open source), a treehouse builder, artist, musician and what some would call a conspiracy theorist.

This Website

This website is devoted to the interests of Doc Yale and the SOB. Doc Yale's interests are catholic but tend to focus on biology, food and drink, books and authors. The SOB shares some of these but rants more often on technology, music, art, treehouses and conspiracies.